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Postpartum Weight Loss [UPDATE]

This week I hit my pre-pregnancy weight of 128 lbs! My total weight loss is 39 POUNDS as of today! As I repeatedly mentioned, MY FITNESS PAL has been a super helpful tool at helping me track my calories in/out. Here’s my weekly progress since I joined on July 15th. (I’ve lost 11 pounds so [...]

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Postpartum Weight Loss Update [BMI: Body Mass Index]

I am so excited about the progress that I’ve made this week! I’ve been making healthier choices and have been much more active. I have lost a total of 2.8 pounds since July 15th and I FEEL great! A huge part of my success over the past week has a lot to do with my [...]

My Fitness Pal [Postpartum Fitness Update]

This week has been going really well. I reactivated my gym membership and took a Body Works/Abs and Cycle class. I also started back hosting the Thursday Night broadcast at Opera Nightclub. These activities coupled with changes in my diet has helped me lose about 6 pounds over the last 2 weeks. Next week, I’ll [...]

3 Healthy Breakfast Meal Options

After doing research on the importance of NUTRITION and weight loss, I have come up with a 21 day meal plan to compliment my daily workout regime! Check out 3 of my favorite breakfast options that are sure to give you energy and support HEALTHY weight loss! (all breakfast choices are 350 calories or less) [...]

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The Benefits of Ice Cold Water [Fitness Tip]

As many of you know, I have embarked on my postpartum weight loss journey. At nine months pregnant, I tipped the scale at 167 pounds! By my daughter’s one month birthday (6.25.2011), I weighed 145 pounds. My 30 day goal is to lose (at least) 10 more pounds by her 2 month birthday on 7.25.2011. [...]

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