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MPowered June Summer Body Program

Register NOW for the MPowered June Summer Body Program! Gain access to a diverse range of delicious meal plans, home workouts, group coaching, weekly contests (via FB Group participation) and MORE! June Challenge Dates: 6/4-6/29 Prep Materials will be emailed: Friday, June 1st. Facebook Name Email Address For Mailing List Additional Program Features: This Month’s [...]

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Get Your Personalized Weight Loss Jump Start Plan

Trying to lose weight but don't know where to get started? Order your Weight Loss Jump Start Plan! It includes: - Customized Fitness Profile (recommended calorie intake for weight loss, macro nutrients (carb, fat, protein) for rest and workout days, and target heart rate training zones. Calorie Killa T-Shirt (unisex, sizes SM-XL available) - [...]

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Maria’s Fit Tip | 3 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

You should never let having a nice looking body take priority over your health. Remember, in order to have effective workouts and maintain your energy levels throughout the day, you must of a strong immune system. Here are some easy ways you can boost yours: Stay Hydrated: Water is necessary to flush toxins from your [...]

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Fitness Goal Setting Tips And Worksheets

A goal requires a plan. This is especially true when it comes to fitness. If you are confused about where to start or "how" to develop a plan, HERE's a great website with resources on helping you identify your goals and executing a plan. Check out the full story on Fitness Goal Setting HERE.

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The Psychology Side Of Weight Loss | Is Your Brain Holding You Back?

Stress, anxiety and lack of self control can limit you from reaching your weight loss goals. Although many people primarily focus on the physical part of the weight loss process, your mental state of mind is actually the foundation for how successful you will be. Check out THIS insightful article that goes into detail about [...]

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Procrastination Is A Dream Killer…

So often we have dreams that we NEVER act on. Whether we get distracted or just lack focus, our dreams are what suffer the most. This is the very reason why it is so important to turn your inspiration into ACTION. Stop "thinking" about what you're going to do, and JUST DO IT! Even a series [...]

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Midday Motivation | Don’t Just Dream, DO. Accomplishment Requires ACTION!

"A plan is only as good as those who see it through." - Anon Writing your goals down and developing a plan is a great foundation but accomplishment comes through ACTION. Don't just dream, DO. A plan is only as good as those who see it through.

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