402, 2016

#MPowered Fitness | Foods That Help Boost Your Metabolism And Maximize Fat Burn

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You may have heard a familiar saying among fitness enthusiasts: "You can't out train a bad diet." Well, "technically" you "could" work out for hours [...]

302, 2016

Midday Motivation | Your Life May Be The Only Bible Some People Will Read

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"Your life may be the only Bible some people will read." - Anon The things you say and do can help or hurt the people [...]

302, 2016

Maria’s Fit Tip | Recipe Wednesday: Sunrise Sandwich

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Here's a great and healthy alternative to the fast food breakfast sandwiches out there. All you have to do is stack the ingredients and you've [...]

202, 2016

Midday Motivation | Big Journeys Begin With Small Steps

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"Big journeys begin with small steps." - Author Unknown Remember, rushing things can ruin things so be patience with yourself. Success rarely happens over night and [...]