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Postpartum Weight Loss Update | Am I “Skinny Fat?”

As of today, I weigh 126 pounds and have 28% Body Fat. As you can see  from the chart below, I am in the “Average” range. People with small frames (who are thin) but have high percentages of body fat are often referred to as “Skinny Fat.” You can’t get so caught up in the [...]

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[Health & Fitness] Ab Diet Tips

This insightful article was provided by Danny Spice. Here are some GREAT tips for those of us who want to achieve a firmer mid section! Ab Diet Tip 1. Eat more fiber. Not eating enough fiber may be a major reason women are getting fatter and flabbier. To ditch the fat and show off firm, [...]

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Postpartum Weight Loss [UPDATE]

This week I hit my pre-pregnancy weight of 128 lbs! My total weight loss is 39 POUNDS as of today! As I repeatedly mentioned, MY FITNESS PAL has been a super helpful tool at helping me track my calories in/out. Here’s my weekly progress since I joined on July 15th. (I’ve lost 11 pounds so [...]

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Join Me For Zumba® Fitness

*UPDATE* classes start TODAY TODAY TODAY!!! Fee: Non Members: $8.00 Members: $5.00 Al proceeds for today’s class benefit Augie’s Quest (Muscular Dystrophy Association/MLS) Zumba® combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system. I am a licensed Instructor and have taught classes in various cities throughout Florida and Georgia. Now that I’ve [...]

Postpartum Weight Loss Update [BMI: Body Mass Index]

I am so excited about the progress that I’ve made this week! I’ve been making healthier choices and have been much more active. I have lost a total of 2.8 pounds since July 15th and I FEEL great! A huge part of my success over the past week has a lot to do with my [...]

My Fitness Pal [Postpartum Fitness Update]

This week has been going really well. I reactivated my gym membership and took a Body Works/Abs and Cycle class. I also started back hosting the Thursday Night broadcast at Opera Nightclub. These activities coupled with changes in my diet has helped me lose about 6 pounds over the last 2 weeks. Next week, I’ll [...]