This week I hit my pre-pregnancy weight of 128 lbs! My total weight loss is 39 POUNDS as of today!

As I repeatedly mentioned, MY FITNESS PAL has been a super helpful tool at helping me track my calories in/out. Here’s my weekly progress since I joined on July 15th. (I’ve lost 11 pounds so far)

9 Months Pregnant Weight: 167 pounds

Starting Weight on My Fitness Pal: 139 pounds – July 15th

July 22nd Weight: 136.6 lbs. (lost 2.4 pounds)

July 29th Weight: 134 lbs. (lost  2.6 pounds)

August 5th Weight: 131.4 lbs. (lost 2.6 pounds)

August 12th Weight: 128 lbs. (lost 3.4 pounds)

During this time, I made sure to hit my daily calorie intake targets and I also worked out 5 times per week. I am hoping to lose 8 more pounds by September 5th. I’ll post my before/after pics on Labor Day! You can check out my My Fitness Pal profile HERE