After doing research on the importance of NUTRITION and weight loss, I have come up with a 21 day meal plan to compliment my daily workout regime!

Check out 3 of my favorite breakfast options that are sure to give you energy and support HEALTHY weight loss! (all breakfast choices are 350 calories or less)

Breakfast Meal Sample #1
-1 slice wheat bread, 1 tsp butter
-Scrambled eggs (1egg, 1 egg white, 1 piece 2% American cheese and cooking spray)
-1 large orange

Breakfast Meal Sample #2
-1 cup oatmeal (optional add 10 raisins)
-½ cup nonfat yogurt
-1 sliced apple

Breakfast Meal Sample #3
-1 cup dry cereal w/ 1 cup low-fat soy milk
-½ banana
-1 hard boiled egg

*Some other favorites are Smoked Salmon, Multi-Grain Bagels, Wheat English Muffins, and Fresh Fruit