I cannot explain all of the positive energy I feel around me. Today, I had the opportunity to share ideas with my co-workers about how we can “renew our passions,” and take our Digital Influence to the NEXT level. It was very inspiring and left so many of us feeling EMPOWERED.

Sometimes, it is so easy to just “let life happen” when we should be raising our standards and expanding our success. I never want to forget what it felt like to be where I am today. I never want to settle. I want to rise to my highest potential and enjoy an infinite expansion of success. What we focus on, grows. We must FEED our passions daily, renew the inspiration that got us going in the first place and put in the WORK to see our dreams manifest themselves.

I am proud of what I’ve accomplished (so far) in my life, but I am convinced that if I apply MORE effort, I can create a life that many would consider “unimaginable.” THIS VIDEO has me motivated in ways I cannot explain! The concept of “212” degrees can be applied to your life spiritually and professionally. Please watch it and be inspired!!

For more Details on 212 Degrees visit the Official Website: http://www.givemore.com/