“Good things come to those who wait, but only what’s left over by those who hustle.” –Abraham Lincoln

Don’t wait until you come across a “big opportunity” before you start to get serious about your goals. By that time, the person who has been more focused, grinding harder, and growing daily, is WAY ahead of you. Success is not just about being an “It Girl/Guy,” it also involves consistency (and sometimes, an appetite that is never “satisfied”).

So many times, I come across people who are bitter, frustrated and tired of being “passed by” when it comes to opportunities. These are the same people who make excuses for why they’re not where they want to be. They also tend to blame the world for their lack of success and rarely take the time to look in the mirror.

I once read a quote that said: “The worse disability is a bad attitude.” If you want more, you gotta do more.  A mediocre effort will NEVER produce extraordinary results. Personally, I work hard and choke my potential until it begs for mercy. I don’t compare myself to others and focus on being the best ME I can be.

Understand that if you are doing MORE than “just enough,” and COMMITTED to your goals, you will achieve them. When you blame, you give away your power. Stop accusing other people of “stealing your success.” The only person standing in the way of you and your goal is YOU…