As a mother of a 6 month old, weight loss is a hot topic for me. This morning, I weighed 125.5 pounds. (I weighed 163 pounds at the end of my pregnancy). My goal is to get back to my lowest weight prior to getting pregnant, which was 117 pounds. I also want to be within a healthy body fat range.

In addition to a digital scale, I also have a body fat monitor. I am currently at 30% body fat. At first, I was VERY discouraged until I did some research and discovered that I am in the “average” body fat range. In fact, for women, a “fit” body fat percentage is around 22%. I’m not sure if I’m pressed to get that low, but I do believe that 25% body fat would be a realistic/healthy goal for me.

I found a great article at that has a very comprehensive explanation about body fat. Their charts are based on age and gender and offer detailed descriptions of how fat is distributed at various percentages.

They also provided this photo example of what different body fat percentages look like on women (30% actually looks pretty sexy to me! lol). Click HERE to read their full article.