Here’s a rumor that some may not find hard to believe, Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s, Stevie J has a “side hustle.” Guess what it is? Pimpin. No really…

According All Hip Hop

“…here is a good one from one of my sources to you. They told me that Stevie J, who I only knew as one of Diddy’s Hitmen, has another distinctive trait. Rumor has it, dude is a real life pimp with actual skeezers.”

“…my source says he’s known to serve rappers and basketballers. I also heard this is how he’s managed to get through the lean years in the music game. Clearly, he is a different kind of pimp now that he’s pimpin’ this reality TV game! On the low, cats told me his baby boo chick Joseline used to be one of his chicks. Respect! Anyway, on the low again, I heard that Stevie J handles his business in the streets too. This is why he can owe people thousands and nobody really move on him.”