Things have been progressing very well this week. Each day, I am getting closer and closer to reaching my 30 day weight loss goal. I’m feeling really good about the changes I’ve made to my diet and I’ve managed to get out and walk/jog 3 miles each day this week!

I just ate my last meal of the day (a veggie burger on wheat bread) and I’m planning my meals for next week. I weighed myself today at 140.8 pounds, I was 145 when I started this weight loss goal period. I expect to weigh in at 135 (or less) by 7.25.2011 and I’m sure I will meet my goal!

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Turkey Bacon, Egg Whites, Wheat Toast; Water
Snack: Banana; Water
Lunch: Chicken Breast; Water
Snack: Almond/Flax Kashi Bar; Water
Dinner: Veggie Burger on Wheat; Water

(*I’ve limited my liquid intake to water ONLY for the past 5 days*)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of presenting a few fitness tips during a Webinar for “Part of the Cure, Inc.” I promised participants that I would post a 21 day diet plan and I am working on making it available in the next day or so.

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