For many, its a tradition to win the “ghetto lottery” on your tax refund. People find all kinds of ways to NOT pay taxes as well as get MORE money back from the government. So, is this “good news” for those folks? Hopefully not. I’d like to think that people are doing the “right thing” LOL! Here’s how the AJC is reporting it:

With a smaller budget and fewer employees, the Internal Revenue Service may conduct fewer audits this year.But don’t start celebrating just yet.

A smaller number of audits means a drop in federal revenue, as more tax cheats get a free pass. A lean IRS staff translates into less help for taxpayers seeking assistance at the same time the agency is dealing with exploding identity theft and complex changes in tax law.

If all the nonfilers and dishonest filers paid their due, perhaps tax rates could be lowered for everyone and still generate the revenue needed to run the government, according to Nina E. Olson, National Taxpayer Advocate, head of an independent organization within the IRS that represents taxpayer concerns.

It means “honest” taxpayers essentially pay a surcharge to keep revenue even, Olson said.

This season’s budget cuts left the IRS with 5,000 fewer workers than it had in 2011, according to a Treasury Department employees group.