The old saying “its cheaper to keep her” definitely holds true in the pending divorce of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant. The “soon-to-be” exes shared a public kiss on Valentine’s Day, fueling rumors that they may reconcile before the divorce in finalized this Summer.More recently, they were seen (looking very happy) at a hockey game in L.A.

According to TMZ, Kobe has been aggressively trying to “save” his marriage even promising that he won’t step out on his wife again. Although she still has “love” for Kobe, it appears that Vanessa is focused on moving forward with the divorce. Once finalized, Vanessa is reported to get all 3 of Kobe’s mansions plus $75 Million in cash. [STAY FOCUSED GIRL! Remember what he did to you!!]…oops, did I just type that? LOL!