I remember studying “The Teachings of Abraham” (Jerry and Ester Hicks) prior to moving to Atlanta back in 2008. I learned so much about myself and experienced tremendous spiritual growth. So many positive things were happening in my life…and fast! Through these teachings, I’ve learned that we all are “Deliberate Creators” designed to sculpt our own realities based on our desires.

Knowing what you want is important, but having the right “intent” is key to attracting the positive circumstances along with it. Always make sure your intentions are pure and come from a loving space. There are people who are rich, but not at peace. People who are famous, but have no friends. Understand that life is not always about having “physical” things, but more about attracting “positive emotions.”

If you don’t know what you want, try to identify how you want to “feel,” and the answer may come to you a little easier…

Enjoy this video (and pay close attention to the message/affirmations)