What happens when empowerment meets fashion? Two amazing entrepreneurs from Philadelphia have the perfect answer. Check out “A STYLd LIFE” in our SuccesSexy Spotlight!

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With all of the independent fashion designs out there, what makes your brand different?

We are two women from different walks of life who are bringing our backgrounds together and using our passions and creativity as the foundation of SolidStitch. Our mission transcends style and fashion. We aim to empower first and be fashion forward second. 20% of our proceeds go to support The Feltonville Dream Center, a non-profit organization focused on arts and education programming. This is where our mantra “fashion gives” ties in.


What made you decide to start your movement?

 We originally partnered to design graphic tees to help support our mentor’s non-profit organization, The Feltonville Dream Center. After beginning that journey we realized that sharing our stories on a personal platform would inspire and empower women to do the same; thus A STYLd LIFE was born.

 D&D Styling

What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

 Our biggest challenge was learning how to balance opposite personalities toward a common goal. Although we believe we were destined to build this brand together, we had to learn the art of partnership. Understanding each others strengths and weaknesses is an ongoing process, but it is vital for our business to operate at it’s fullest potential.

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What advice would you give women who are trying to start their own businesses?

 As women we are creative beings by nature and can birth any idea into existence. However, we cannot get stuck in that creative process. We must continually educate ourselves about our industries and how to best market our businesses. Building a business is 10% creativity and 90% business.


How can someone contact you about styling services or to purchase clothing?

For styling services you can email info@astyldlife.com or fill out our styling form at www.astyldlife.com/styling. Our line can be purchased through www.solidstitch.com (also accessible through www.astyldlife.com/solidstitch)
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