I decided to post this article because I am personally surprised at how lost some men are when it comes to reading a woman’s body language. First and foremost, check to see if she’s wearing a wedding ring, LOL! Eye contact, posture, and appearance are also a few things that a man should pay specific attention to BEFORE approaching a woman. For example:

If she bats her eyes = Approach her

If she rolls her eyes= Walk AWAY!

These are just MY tips. However, you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out Signs of Attraction – 5 Tips on How to Read a Woman’s Body Language for detailed tips.

1. You have to notice if there is eye contact with her or not.

When a woman gives you eye contact, you want to pay attention to how long it seems to last and how intense it is. See, a woman can give you a little eye contact and really not feel any attraction at all for you. Or, she might linger her eyes on you and still, there is no chemistry or electricity between the two of you. Most guys would assume wrong and think that just because there is some eye contact, that she is showing clear signs of attraction. You want her gaze to linger on you, but you also want there to be a charge or an energy behind that look.

2. Her posture can give her away.

When you are close to her, does she seem to “close” up or does she seem to open up to you? Does she stand there trying to make herself look as good as possible? A woman’s posture when she is around a man can often say much more than anything that will come out of her mouth. Pay attention to her posture when you are with a woman and see if she is giving away signs of attraction or clues when she is near you.

3. If she tries to make herself appear more attractive, then she might be into you.

A woman will usually try and make herself look a little better when she is around a man that she is really attracted to. She will do little things to adjust her clothes, or fix her hair so that it looks just right. When you are with a woman, you want to check to see if she is trying to make herself look better for you. Also, you want to notice if she just does these things out of habit. Some women do.

4. Where are her hands going?

If a woman is slightly nervous because she likes you, she will quite often try and do something with her hands to keep them “busy.” Or, she might try and move them closer to you, as if asking for you to reach out for them. Both of these things can be a good indication that she is attracted to you. Always be on the lookout to what she is doing with her hands and if she is using them to show signs of attraction with you.

5. You also want to pay attention to the tone of her voice when she is with you.

Does she sound like she is filled with excitement when she is around you? Does she try to sound seductive and sexy when she is talking to you? Both of these are good indicators of interest from a woman and can be a sign that she is definitely attracted to you.

When you know how to read a woman’s body language and correctly identify signs of attraction from her, then you can take away almost all of the guesswork when it comes to dating and female attraction.

This will put the game in your hands, right where you want it to be and make you one of those guys that just seems to naturally have a way with women.