When you publish lies, you must pay. Just ask Real Housewives of Atlanta’s, Phaedra Parks. If you recall, Vibe promoted a book by author Angela Stanton which details illegal activities that Phaedra Parks engaged in prior to being on RHOA.

Well, Phaedra is fed up to the lies and now demanding that Vibe must pay, to the tune of 30 million dollars! HOT SPOT ATL has the story:

Phaedra alleges in court documents Vibe Magazine published and promoted Stanton’s false and defamatory accusations on the Internet, and as a direct result, Stanton’s personal and unfounded vendetta against Parks went viral on the Internet. Parks claims the false statements published by Vibe are defamatory per se and damages to the reputation of Parks are presumed as a matter of law.

Phaedra is seeking $5 million in compensatory damages along with $25 million in punitive damages, payment for court fees, and a printed retraction from the magazine.