There’s a difference between “sound good” music and “feel good music.” “Listen to the Lyrics” will be a new ongoing feature here at dedicated to highlighting artists with compelling messages in their music. Songs chosen will be new and old. Today’s track comes from Janelle Monae, “Cold War.” Keep reading to view the video and read some of my favorite line(s) in the song: (“Cold War is featured on Janelle Monae’s album titled: “ArchAndroid“)

Bring wings to the weak and bring grace to the strong
May all evil stumble as it flies in the world
All the tribes comes and the mighty will crumble
We must brave this night and have faith in love

and I can REALLY relate to these lines:

I’m trying to find my peace
I was made to believe there’s something wrong with me
And it hurts my heart
Lord have mercy, ain’t it plain to see?

This is a cold war
You better know what you’re fighting for…