Keyshia Cole has multiple definitions of success. Prior to becoming a mom and wife, she was a platinum selling recording artist producing 10 top 10 singles on the R&B charts. Nowadays, Keyshia is a wife and proud mom, focusing more on her family life.

Keyshia was one of the first (black) female celebrities to have her own reality show. “The Way It Is” was a huge hit for BET back in 2006 and even produced a spin off featured Keyshia’s mom, Frankie and sister, Neffe.

While there are no specifics on when the new show will air, we’re told the title of the series is “Family First” and will follow Keyshia’s family life with husband, Daniel Gibson (of the Cleveland Cavaliers). Hopefully we’ll see some behind the scenes action as Keyshia preps for a new album as well.