Lately, Kevin Hart has been getting some unwanted attention. First, news broke that his ex-wife attacked his divorce attorney. Now, Kevin is explaining why a comic dissing black women showed up on his Facebook page. Initially, he said that he had nothing to to with the comic, that was BEFORE he found out that someone on his team posted it. Here are his statements:

Story Spotted at Rhymes With Snitch

From Kevin’s Facebook,

ATTENTION EVERYONE…….I have been getting google alerts all day about a cartoon that’s being credited to me that talks about black woman…I have nothing to do with this cartoon, I am not behind it or involved with it in anyway shape or form!!! THIS CARTOON IS FRAUDULENT…With that being said if the promotion of this CARTOON is not stopped ASAP I will be taking legal actions against all parties that are involved.


later amended to read,

I was just made aware that the cartoon was posted on my page yesterday…… was posted by someone who only had access to my page for the purpose of uploading my calendar events…..That person thought that they were doing me a favor by posting something that THEY thought was funny……..LEGAL ACTION HAS BEEN TAKEN & ONCE AGAIN I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT CARTOON IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM!!!!!! I am now done talking about this subject……LIVE LOVE & LAUGH