The title of this entry was inspired by a common theme I saw over and over again on Facebook. I saw many of my friends promoting the new George Lucas film “Red Tails” (inspired by the Tuskegee Airmen), and many of them were complaining (in advance) that blacks would prefer to pay to see “a man in drag” (Madea movies) instead of films that portrayed blacks in more empowering roles.

A lot of the talk also has to do with the most recent George Lucas interview where he states that Hollywood refused to back the film so he paid 58 Million dollars (of his own money) to bring it to fruition.

Even if this isn’t “your type” of film, I encourage you to support it. In my opinion, it is important that we support films that showcase “our” history. Otherwise, very important aspects of our culture as well as the legacies of our black heroes may be lost. RED TAILS hits theaters on January 20th, 2012. Check out the Behind The Scenes footage and George Lucas interview here: