Talk about maximizing on the exposure from being in a “celebrity” relationship!

Amber Rose is a PRO at it. And trust me, I am NOT trying to diss her. I actually admire her drive and (dare I say) PERSONALITY!

Hate if you want but Amber Rose made some really smart moves coming out of her relationship with Kanye West. She went from being known as Ye’s “beard” to owning her own empire. From modeling deals to liquor endorsements, TV  hosting gigs to her own sunglass line, AMBER ROSE is a household name.

Now, you can add Recording Artist to that resume.  Amber Rose released her first single “Fame” featuring her “husband,” Wiz Khalifa. I actually predict this single will do well with “pop” audiences. Check it out and post your comments on my Facebook Page.

Amber Rose Ft. Wiz Khalifa – Fame by ChasinMoPaper