If you wanted to know what their lives were like before they became superstars, you’re about to find out. I’m talking about 50 Cent, Lamar Odom and DMX. Word is, TLC is set to premiere a new reality show giving viewers an inside look from their exes perspective.

From Huffington Post

Forget Honey Boo Boo. Reality TV queen Khloe Kardashian is about get some real competition, as Liza Morales, Lamar Odom’s ex-wife and mother of his children, has signed on to do a reality show.

“Liza and a bunch of other ladies who were married [to] or dated famous men are coming to TLC,” a network insider tells me.

Before Lamar was part of the glamorous world of the Kardashians, he was involved in a 12-year relationship with Liza Morales, a New York-based fashion designer, who is also the mother of three children, Destiny, Lamar Jr. and Jayden, who died tragically in 2006.

In 2010, Morales said Odom “hardly comes” to see his children and accused him of having a two-year affair before they broke up in 2008.

“This show isn’t going to be fake reality show,” one insider tells me. “It’s going to reveal the truth about a lot of men we thought we knew.”

50 Cent’s ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins will also be part of the cast.

Shaniqua Tompkins (50 Cent’s Ex), Liza Morales (Lamar Odom’s Ex), and Tashera Simmons (DMX’s Ex) have all signed on to star in the show.