Join Me For “Dance And Abs” At Total Fitness Revolution

Total Fitness Revolution presents DANCE and ABS with Maria More! Featuring many familiar Zumba workouts, new classic hip-hop and reggaie routines and of course: CORE exercises. Whether you want to burn off some extra calories or earn that weekend cheat meal, This will be a Friday night party that'll give you high energy going into [...]

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Bobbi Kristina: “I Plan To Sing, Act And Dance” [VIDEO]

Oprah scored the first interview with Bobbi Kristina since the death of her mother, Whitney Houston. The interview was intimate, revealing and very heartfelt. Bobbi Kristina says she is dedicated to continuing her mother’s legacy and plans to dance, act and sing. When Oprah asked if that would be too much pressure, Bobbi Kristina responded by saying: “Its alot of pressure but she (my mom) prepared me for it.” Check out a snippet of the interview here… […]

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