1409, 2016

Change Your Thoughts And You Change Your World

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"Change your thoughts and you change your world." - Author Unknown Remember, your thoughts produce your experiences. Try to do your best to have an [...]

1409, 2016

#MPower Fitness | Train Your Brain To Hate Junk Food

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From switching healthy foods to your "treat" to grossing yourself out, there are many creative ways to "train your brain" to hate junk food. Click [...]

1908, 2016

Midday Motivation | Worrying Gives Power To The Things You Fear

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"Worrying gives power to the things you fear." - M.T.Collins Remember, what you focus on, grows and if you are constantly dwelling on the negative, [...]

1908, 2016

Maria’s Fit Tip | Fat Loss Vs. Water Weight Loss

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Diets promising dramatic weight loss over a short period of time usually deliver on their promise, but don't get too excited because you're probably just [...]