Wyclef’s non profit, Yele Haiti is under investigation for mismanagement. The now defunct organization is said to have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars when the money could have gone to the people who really needed it, Haiti earthquake victims.

From EW

The numbers reveal some pretty scathing stuff. Yele Haiti collected over $16 million in donations following the series of earthquakes the decimated the island’s capital city of Port-Au-Prince and ripped much of its already-tenuous infrastructure to shreds.

But the money rarely made it into the hands of those who needed it, instead going to salaries, travel, consultants fees, and eventually to the team dealing with the group’s building legal troubles.

It was merely the latest in a string of problematic economic decisions for the foundation. Since Yele was founded in 2004, the group spent $600,000 on a now-abandoned headquarters, $24,000 on a chauffeur for Clef, and a $100,000 payout to Jean himself to perform at a fundraising event in Monaco. Yele even once spent $30,763 to fly Lindsay Lohan on a private jet from New Jersey to Chicago for an event that only raised $66,000.