Wiz Khalifa and Fiance, Amber Rose are ready to make their relationship “official” BEFORE the birth of their first child together…

From The Huffington Post

Wiz Khalifa’s going to be a daddy — and a husband!

In a radio interview Tuesday, the rapper revealed that he and fiance Amber Rose will legally marry in a couple of weeks — just in time for the birth of their son.

Khalifa said he and Rose, who is in her third trimester, decided to marry in court before Rose’s due date and wait to have a traditional wedding ceremony until she could fully enjoy the celebrations.

“When you have the ceremony, that’s when you invite the family, she can fit into the dress, and if we have a daughter one day she might want to give the dress to her daughter, but if she’s pregnant she can’t do that,” Khalifa said.


“She wants to get drunk,” Khalifa added.

Khalifa and Rose met through Twitter in 2010 and have been engaged since March.