Strange blog title right? lol! Well, my point is actually being made courtesy of Will Smith. As we all know, Will and Jada have managed to maintain a happy, healthy marriage of more than 13 years (so far) and Will recently dished out a few tips to help your marriage work.

One of his tips was that men need “30 minutes to themselves.” I’m not sure what Will does with his 30 minutes, but my husband enjoys shooting hoops (for more than 3o minutes though, lol!). I understand that its important for him to have “me time,” and he extends the same courtesies to me.

Will Smith offers further insight on how he has managed to make his marriage work, read more here…

If You Marry Your Best Friend, You’re Good
Every man wants to marry his homie, Will explained. A lot of women will impress them, but it’s the one they can always laugh with and be themselves with that will ultimately impress them the most. If you can be yourselves around each other, 100 percent of the time, and they can make you life like no one else can, you’ll never have a dull moment together.

Remind Him of What He Has
When you start to feel that you’re nagging your husband to the point of no return and nothing you’re saying is getting through, Will suggests you try a new approach. Hold him close, look him right in the eyes, and tell him that you love him, you’re right there, and you always will be, BUT you need him to pick his socks up – right now. As Will puts it, it’s important to remind him that your request is coming from a good place, and what you want is a small thing in the grand scheme of things. Um, genius!

All Men Need A Little Space
“If you don’t give your husband thirty minutes to himself when he first gets home he’ll stop coming home,” Will told me, straight up. (You’re thinking, no way, right? I did too!) When I asked Will when a wife was supposed to say her piece, he responded, “anytime after that.” Will reminded me that everyone’s home needs to feel like a happy place, and it won’t if you’re “greeted with negativity” every time you enter the door. Touché Will. Talk about a pause for the cause.