Considered by many as the “father of modern day medicine,” Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) dates back to 400 B.C. and provides dozens of health benefits. Here are just a few ways that ACV can specifically help you reach your fitness goals:

  1. Consuming ACV can help you feel full longer, preventing you from overeating. A study has also shown that ACV can slow fat accumulation. Personally, I take 2 tablespoons per day, but if the taste is too much to bare alone, try adding it to your juices, salads, or water.
  2. ACV is a great digestive aid. If you are having issues with your tummy, sip diluted apple cider vinegar (mixed in water or juice) to help settle your stomach. ACV has antibiotic properties that help fight off bacteria as well.
  3. Need an energy boost? Ditch your sports drink and try adding some ACV to your water instead. The potassium and and enzymes in apple cider vinegar help to give you a pick me up.

Plus, there’s many more benefits of ACV that go beyond health and fitness. Learn more HERE.