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Fit Tip | 3 Ways To Boost Your Mental Health

A healthy mind is just as important (if not, MORE important) as having a healthy body. The foundation of every action begins with a thought, therefore, having a strong mind is key to developing a strong body. Here are three tips to boost your mental health. Sleep well. Lack of sleep can cause stress and [...]

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#MPowered Fitness | 3 Ways Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight

Who would've thought that being still can actually HELP you lose weight? No, I don't mean sitting on the sofa and being a couch potato, I'm talking about giving your body time to rest and recover from workouts. A proper night's rest can also help prevent overeating throughout the day. According to Women's Health, here [...]

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#Mpowered Fitness | Tips To Overcome A Weight Loss Slump

For the most part, people who are sedentary (limited physical activity) can lose weight FAST because the calorie adjustment and extra physical activity will be somewhat of a "shock" to their body. However, your body is smart and will begin to adjust to the added exercise and limited caloric intake which may lead to a [...]

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