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Maria’s Fit Tip | 3 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

You should never let having a nice looking body take priority over your health. Remember, in order to have effective workouts and maintain your energy levels throughout the day, you must of a strong immune system. Here are some easy ways you can boost yours: Stay Hydrated: Water is necessary to flush toxins from [...]

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Maria’s Fit Tip | How To Replace Your Multivitamin With Real Food

While multivitamins are a great way to ensure you get all your daily nutrients, there are also ways to get the same vitamins from what you eat. Getting your vitamins from foods is also a great way to develop healthy habits that will benefit you in the long run. For example, almonds offer a great [...]

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The Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Considered by many as the "father of modern day medicine," Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) dates back to 400 B.C. and provides dozens of health benefits. Here are just a few ways that ACV can specifically help you reach your fitness goals: Consuming ACV can help you feel full longer, preventing you from overeating. A study [...]

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Maria’s Fit Tip | Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

The power to help cure your high blood pressure could be as simple as the foods you eat. From reducing your sodium intake to adding lean fish and fruits that provide powerful antioxidants, HERE is a list of foods that can help lower blood pressure naturally (along with their health benefits).

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The Truth About Sugar Documentary [VIDEO]

From weight gain, to fatigue and a host of other problems, eating too much sugar can be detrimental to your health. As a matter of fact, many of us are addicted to sugar and don't even know it. Here is an insightful documentary about how sugar effects the body and solutions to overcoming sugar cravings

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#MPowered Fitness | Fat-Burning Foods That Boost Metabolism

While there are many foods that lead to weight gain, there are others that do the opposite. If you want to burn more fat, try adding these foods to your diet to give your metabolism a natural boost: Whole grains - foods like oatmeal and brown rice are rich in fiber and your body burns [...]

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#MPowered Fitness | 4 Ways Water Helps Prevent Health Problems

By now, the importance of drinking water has probably been drilled into your head. Not only does it keep you hydrated and flushes out toxins, it helps increase energy levels, and aids with weight loss. Learn more about the benefits of water and how much you should drink daily HERE.

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#MPowered Fitness | The Benefits Of Taking A Multivitamin

If there are gaps in the nutrients you should be receiving from the food you eat, taking a daily multivitamin is a great way to supplement for anything you might be missing. Dr. Frank Lipman lists a multivitamin among his "Everyday Fab Four" supplements that we should take everyday. Benefits of taking a multivitamin include: [...]

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SuccesSexy Health | Determining Your “Ideal” Body Fat

As a mother of a 6 month old, weight loss is a hot topic for me. This morning, I weighed 125.5 pounds. (I weighed 163 pounds at the end of my pregnancy). My goal is to get back to my lowest weight prior to getting pregnant, which was 117 pounds. I also want to be [...]

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[Health & Fitness] Ab Diet Tips

This insightful article was provided by Danny Spice. Here are some GREAT tips for those of us who want to achieve a firmer mid section! Ab Diet Tip 1. Eat more fiber. Not eating enough fiber may be a major reason women are getting fatter and flabbier. To ditch the fat and show off firm, [...]

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