First off, I use the term “diet” for lack of a better word, but deciding to live and eat healthy is truly a LIFESTYLE. Now, with that said, making a mistake is part of LIFE. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, sometimes we’re caught up in our emotions and need some “comfort” food.

One quote that was recently shared with me says: “You don’t drown by falling in the water, but by just staying there and doing nothing.” In this case, the key is to keep swimming (or get OUT of the water if you don’t know how to swim…lol!). Of course this is all figuratively speaking, but the point is to correct your mistake, not dwell on it.

Trust me, 99.99% of people who are trying to eat better have struggled with overindulging in unhealthy/high calorie foods. Instead of beating yourself up, jump back on the bus. Remember, you need to eat 3500 extra calories just to gain ONE pound. That cheat meal/dessert will do minimal damage (if any), but if you don’t regroup, that cheat meal can turn into a cheat week which may lead to you TOTALLY falling off.

In addition to regrouping mentally, you can also do a juice fast the following day, or put in an extra 30 minutes of exercise to stay on course. Also, check out these “Cheat Meal Strategies” that will help you enjoy the foods you love without compromising your fitness progress.