Not only does exercise help you look good, it also makes you FEEL good. Being physically active helps boost hormones that promote feelings of happiness. Exercise also helps keep you develop a positive attitude and more optimistic outlook on life overall. Here are 3 additional ways exercise can improve your self-esteem:

  1. Exercise makes you stronger. When you see what your body is capable of achieving, your self-confidence soars. Exercise reveals what is possible when you put effort into meeting your goals. Being able to progressively lift heavier weights will also make you start to feel like you can do anything!
  2. Exercise makes you feel accomplished. Working out gives you a boost of self-confidence, helping you meet small, successive goals. After every workout, you acquire new inspiration to excel in other areas of your life!
  3. Exercise gives you brain power. Not only is exercise good for the body, it’s GREAT for the mind! After a good run, group fitness class or any other type of physical activity, your brain gets a boost, making you more alert and giving you a clear mind to concentrate.

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