1701, 2015

Get Off Your Back! Try These Standing Ab Exercises [VIDEO]

In addition to waist training, I exercise 3-5 times per week and limit my caloric intake based on my BMR (you can calculate your BMR […]

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901, 2015

Midday Motivation | Great Things Take Time

Never give up, great things take time. – Author Unknown

Success is not always guaranteed but failure is if you don’t try. Remember, the pain of […]

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601, 2015

Midday Motivation | Don’t Let Your Struggle Become Your Identity

“Don’t let your struggle become your identity” – Author Unknown

Struggles aren’t designed to make you bitter, but better! Remember, your response to adversity will determine […]

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201, 2015

Waist Training Review And 30 Day Fitness Goals [VIDEO]

If you follow me on social media, you probably already know that I am currently giving “waist training” a try. So far, I have lost […]

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