1809, 2015

Be Kind To Unkind People, They Need It The Most

“Be kind to unkind people, they need it the most.” – Author Unknown

You’ll never cure a hateful person with more hate. Although its tempting to […]

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1109, 2015

Midday Motivation | Always Show Gratitude To Those Who Have Helped You

“The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.” – John E. Southard

As we remember the victims […]

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1009, 2015

Midday Motivation | Don’t Waste Energy On Negative People

“Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence.” – Author Unknown

Sometimes the best response is no response, especially when someone is trying to bait […]

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3108, 2015

Midday Motivation | Embrace Change

“Change is the essence of life.” – Author Unknown

Remember, change isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary to grow. If you want to be successful, you […]

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